Lead design for two galleries of the Science Center in Heilbronn with a total of 1.700 m². Production in partnership with Bruns. The project was running for four years and opened in March 2019.
Concept / One gallery explores the materials around us. From testing solids,
playing with liquids and gas, to structures and experiments with light building up to the question when does matter become life. The other gallery is about the acquirement of knowledge. The space is designed like an creative atelier.
Challenges / Scenography of two total different galleries. Design of over 100
exhibits, with a client demanding world class quality and cutting edge new exhibits and experiences in a science center.

This project was realized as part of the team at NorthernLight.

Featured image copyright by Sciencemarker.

Type: Exhibition Design
Employer: NorthernLight
Format: Exhibition
Year: 2019