In the workshop at Experimenta Heilbronn, children and grown-ups can form bands and create their own songs in five different musical styles. For every part of their song, visitors can choose from a wide variety of preset bars (sequences of notes, sounds) for the particular style and instrumentation they have selected, thereby arranging and putting together a new song. After the visit, these songs are available as a score and can also be downloaded as audio files via a link. All the songs are stored in a database, allowing visitors to listen to and review any song they wish in a “Music Box”.

SFA create the detailed overall concept for the workshop together with an interdisciplinary team of programmers, technicans and musicians. Further more SFA designed the layout of the room, the graphics and user interfaces.

This project was realized during employment at checkpointmedia.

Type: Workshop
Employer: checkpointmedia
Format: Print, Interactive, Hands-on
Year: 2013