Entrance hall intervention for Wiener Stadtwerke, facility provider for Vienna city. The aim of this project was to install a spatial intervention in the large foyer of Wiener Stadtwerke headquarter and use it to present the company in a visitor-friendly way. Several suggestions were put forward but in the end it was the info-lounge furnishings and ceiling projection that were chosen. Centrepiece of the concept was the “Smart City”, the city of the future, and the presentation of Wiener Stadtwerke as playing a key role in shaping that future. Consequently, the presentation’s aim was not to focus exclusively on the company’s history and its fields of activity, but also to highlight its visions, innovations and forward-thinking strategies.

SFA created the concept for the ceiling projection, as well as the graphic design of the furniture and the animation for the ceiling loop. Additionally several renderings for concept presentations.

This project was realized during employment at checkpointmedia.

Photos: Lukas Beck

Type: Permanent exhibition
Employer: checkpointmedia
Format: Print, Video, Projection
Year: 2012