Isometric fairy tales @ Beijing Design week

ISOMETRIC FAIRY TALES ILLUSTRATION My dad was an architect. Every night before going to sleep we had a drawing contest on a random topic. My dad drew perspectivly perfect space ships and realistic images. My mum was judge and mostly announced me winner. That's one of my most present childhood memories. My own daughter is… Read More


KOPF-GEWITTER CHILDREN'S BOOK Kopf-Gewitter is a children's book written and illustrated by Stefan Fahrngruber and Angelika M├╝hlebner-Fahrngruber. The book accompanies children with epilepsy and takes them on a journey through a medival setting where two heroes experience all major steps in a epilepsy therapy. The book was published by "Verlag Epilepsie 2000"┬áISBN 3-9809998-8-2 Realised with… Read More

“Little Eugen” Childrensclub Mascot

"LITTLE EUGEN" CHILDRENSCLUB MASCOT Illustrations for the childrensclub at the museum of military history, Vienna. Introducing their new mascot "Little Eugen". He is a curious explorer travelling from era to era, helping kids to discover and experience the past. SFA developed the character based on a given design. In total 27 different costumes where illustrated,… Read More