Bits of You

Bits of You EXHIBITION DESIGN Design of the Bits of You exhibition at Nemo de Studio. Throughout a 700 m2 space visitors encounter six individual spaces that help them learn about the impact of Bigdata on their daily lives. Production in cooperation with Fiction Factory and Yipp. Concept / We created a space that provides… Read More

Experimenta Heilbronn

EXPERIMENTA HEILBRONN EXHIBITION DESIGN Lead design for two galleries of the Science Center in Heilbronn with a total of 1.700 m². Production in partnership with Bruns. The project was running for four years and opened in March 2019. Concept / One gallery explores the materials around us. From testing solids, playing with liquids and gas,… Read More

Shenzhen Gas Museum

SHENZHEN GAS MUSEUM EXHIBITION Multimedia, screen designer and animator for the exhibition at the Shenzhen Gas Museum. Lead design for Multimedia, production of graphics and assets for 21 interactive stations and motion graphics for four video stations. Concept / A journey from first steps of mankind discovering fire to modern societies transitioning towards renewable energy.… Read More

Terramar Museum Bonaire

TERRAMAR MUSEUM BONAIRE PROJECTION DESIGN Projection design and animation production for the Terramar Museum on Bonaire. The Museum gives an overview on the history of the Caribbean and Bonaire. A projection mapping installation in the atrium of the museum acts as an overture to the exhibition giving a summary of major events in Caribbean history.… Read More

Royal Palace Amsterdam

ROYAL PALACE AMSTERDAM HIDDEN STORIES Flip book animations for the annual exhibition at the Royal Palace Amsterdam. This years exhibition is about the hidden stories within the palace. The concept developed by NorthernLight uses media stations, which unveil the statue connected to the story with a spotlight, while a animation on screen explains the hidden… Read More


ÖTSCHER:REICH ANIMATED MAP Ötscher:reich is an exhibition about a specific region in Austria based around a mountain, the „Ötscher“. The animation takes a new approach on info graphics, combining historical map data modern design and atmospheric sounds. The storyline was developed with the curator of the exhibition and historians. The hardest part was to find… Read More

Museum of Funeral History

FUNERAL MUSEUM VIENNA CENTRAL CEMETERY Content production for the Museum of Funeral History at the Vienna Central Cemetery. The museum gives insight in the funeral history of vienna from the late 18th century till now. The focus is on funeral culture in vienna as city, and especially the central cemetery vienna. SFA designed the overall… Read More

Polar Bear World

POLAR BEAR WORLD ZOO VIENNA Concept and content production for video-, game- and audiostations in the polar bear world of the zoo vienna. The so called "Polar Dome" is located in the center of the new enclosure where visitors can watch polar bears, seals and penguins on different floors. Here at the information center visitors can find out… Read More

Music Workshop

EXPERIMENTA HEILBRONN MUSIC WORKSHOP In the workshop at Experimenta Heilbronn, children and grown-ups can form bands and create their own songs in five different musical styles. For every part of their song, visitors can choose from a wide variety of preset bars (sequences of notes, sounds) for the particular style and instrumentation they have selected,… Read More

Meteorite Gallery

NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM VIENNA METEORITE GALLERY As one of the world’s foremost museums of natural history, the Natural History Museum Vienna looks after 30 million artefacts and specimens that form the basis of extensive scientific research. Its oldest collections date back over 250 years. For the reopening of the world’s largest and oldest collection of… Read More